If one day you wake up& find that you're missin me

how can i every change things that i feel?

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Today I found myself staring at R. Looking at his face so concentrated. But his features were still so soft his eyebrows to his eyes and his cheekbones his jawline. And I thought I to myself this is what I think is strikingly beautiful. Everything about him is handsome. His laugh, his goofy walk, his smile, the way he looks when he talks about something he is really into. And it dawned on me that I must look out of place standing next to him. I wouldn’t say I’m ugly, but I’m overweight and ordinary looking I have short brown hair, round face, freckles, short. My features are small. And I don’t want to feel like that. Yes he tells me I’m beautiful most of the time I believe him at least he thinks I am. But i want to stand next to him and look like I belong there, I don’t want people to think how is she with him I want to walk next to him and feel confident. I want to be thin and beautiful. And I will stay with this I need to.

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