"And I’ve been afraid of changing cause built my life around you"

I was listening to landslide by Fleetwood Mac today and this line really hit me hard. For a couple of reasons I don’t like change I never have, I don’t like changes I have no control over. And R has been a part of my life for geez like 3 years now and I talk to him everyday all day I see him every weekend and to think about what my life would be like without him all I can think is loneliness. I mean literally from the time I wake up til he goes to bed were constantly texting and I don’t really talk to anyone else that much there is not really anyone I think I could talk to that much. I wouldn’t have his beautiful face to wake up to on Sunday morning. Or his warmth to fall asleep next to on Saturday nights.

“can I handle the seasons of my life”

"If today was your last day. How would you want to spend it?"

Grey’s anatomy

"Cigarettes look so harmless but then again so did you"

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When you love someone doubts fill your mind and make you crazy.

I know that you love me. The question is how much? What are your intentions when talking to anther girl, pure? You just want to see how they are? Curiosity? do you still have what it take to make someone like you, or are you in it for something shady. Girls are sneaky bitches and they know what they are doing. So when laying around in bed with you all day I cannot stop my mind from wondering… why me what do you like when you think of me. Why do you think I’m beautiful but every other girl you find “hot” or attractive is ms. Skinnymini. Is it because I’m around? I’m in love and at your beck and call. I hate my mind.

I just want to be in your arms

I want to stand there hugging you becoming lost in the moment of you and your heat beat in my ear. That is perfection


This was one of the greatest moments in television history.



This was one of the greatest moments in television history.

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